Iceland, Part 3

After a few days of trekking through Iceland i was sore. Really sore. I don’t know whether it was the trudging through the snow or the constant squatting to look through the eyepiece of my tripod-mounted camera. Either way, my thighs and back were killing me. I thought the best way to relax for the six hour flight back home was to relax in some industrial waste at the Blue Lagoon.

That’s right – i said industrial waste, but it’s not what you think. The Blue Lagoon is located near the Svartsengi Power Station which produces energy from the geothermal-ness of Iceland’s volcanic activity. They take the steam from the super-heated water from below the surface and use it to run turbines to generate electricity. They also use heat exchangers to get energy from the water. The thing is, this isn’t ordinary water. It’s rich in algae, silica and other minerals that give it an other-worldly blue, opaque character. The outflow from the power station is diverted to natural pool inside the Blue Lagoon where you can sit and relax in 100 degree water for however long you like. The water is turned over every two days, and guests are required to take a shower with soap before entering the lagoon. They even have pictograms depicting which 5 important parts of your body need particular attention in case you never attended a high-school health class.

But lounging in the water and slathering a silica mask all over your face isn’t the only thing you can do there. They also have these hobbit hole steam rooms that are natural lava caves, a waterfall massage that pounds your neck and upper back and they give water massages. That’s right, a massage…in the hot water. Did i mention that there’s a swim-up bar?

And don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your swimming trunks, robe or towel – they’re all available for rent. The complete package (minus the awesome water massage) will run you about $65 – stay as long as you like though, hopping between the waterfall, steam rooms and the water.

I thought i’d also share a photo i took while flying over Greenland.┬áIt’s not as green as you’d think, given the name.

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  1. On March 31, 2011 Lisa says:

    Nice pics, Jason. um…but there’s no people at this spa…are there? Are you sure you were at the “spa”? lol

  2. On April 01, 2011 jason says:

    Thanks Lisa. There were people inside the spa – this is just the surrounding areas outside. I didn’t want to be that creep with the full-on photo gear inside the spa taking photos of people relaxing. Plus, i wanted to relax myself!

  3. On April 01, 2011 Tanja says:

    Here’s the most important question: was Christopher Atkins there?

  4. On April 01, 2011 jason says:

    Wrong Blue Lagoon Tanja. So very, very, wrong.

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